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Xan Construction

operates mainly in the following areas :

Construction Services

Electrical system

Mechanical System

Plumbing system

Elevator Systems


Led Lighting



  • Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

    Works Include: camera system, monthly technical service.

  • Turan Bank

    Works Include: camera system, turnstile system, queue system.

  • NBC Bank

    Works Include: camera system, access control system, turnstile system, queue system.

  • AG Bank

    Works Include: turnstile system

  • Bank Standard

    Works Include: access control system.

  • Haydar Aliyev Foundation

    Works Include: vip turnstile system system.

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About Us

Who we are ?

Khan Group of Companies has been operating since 2013. This group has provided services in various fields during its activity, including the construction of security and telecommunication systems for state-owned industrial cities, business centers, residential complexes, banks, fitness halls and commercial organizations. The Khan Group of companies includes Flame Technologies LLC and Khan Construction LLC.
Flame Technologies LLC mainly operates in the following areas:
Queue System, Auto Parking System, Boom gate, Road Blocker, Video Surveillance, Turnstile,Access Control, Fire System, Alarm System, Network System, Smart Home and Smart Building System, Sound System, Store System, GSM Amplifier Systems.
Khan Construction LLC mainly operates in the following areas:
Mechanical System, Electrical system, Plumbing system, Elevator Systems, Epoxy, Led Lighting, BMS and Construction Services.

Our Mission

Today, different companies, organizations, enterprises, etc. are functioning with different names all over the world. Each company is known for its activities. And for that purpose, each company separately has their own progress plan and policies. Especially we can say that companies pursue their marketing policy by name.

Our company has been operating under the name of Khan Group. We consider our marketing plan is very important that differs due to its fluent structure, logicality and evidence of impressive results. Following this plan, our goal is to achieve fast and long-term effect.

Strategic review

Upon analyzing the performance of Khan Group, we are heading from general towards particular. First of all we introduce our customers with all our works and then we offer high-tech equipment which will satisfy their demand. In any case, we try to justify our name.

Upon analyzing the performance of our company called Flame Technologies, we tend to focus on the problem. First of all, we present our work as a whole, and then we offer our customers high-tech equipment that suits them. In any situation, we try to justify our name.

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Ventilation Systems

Ventilation can generally be categorized into five types: Natural, Mechanical, Hybrid, Spot, and Task-Ambient Conditioning. No matter the usage of your building or where it is located, you should consider one of these five types of ventilation systems in your building.

Power Supply

It is essential to use only quality and certified equipment and wiring during the design and operation of power systems to prevent future incidents. Electricity supply means providing consumers with high quality electricity 24 hours a day.

Cooling systems

The systems we provide to our customers are based on the principles of flexibility in installation, use of advanced technologies, high quality and maximum energy savings during cooling and heating, as well as year-round operation.

Fire protection systems

During a fire, smoke spreads more and faster than heat. For this reason, deaths are mainly due to smoke poisoning. To prevent this, smoke extraction systems that meet regulatory requirements are installed in buildings. The system absorbs smoke and prevents poisoning of people, as well as blocking the visual image of the evacuation route during evacuation.

Boiler and heating systems

Boiler house a system of devices designed to convert water into saturated steam by heating water or steam heated to a temperature above the boiling point of water, thereby heating apartments and other facilities. In boilers, chemical energy is converted into heat energy. In this case, the water in special boilers is heated by this energy and turned into the required steam.

Water supply, plumbing pipes

At each construction site, work on the mechanical part of the building (or individual houses) begins with the laying of gutters and the installation of water supply. In buildings (individual houses), pipes are laid inside the identified mines. The quality of the selected material and the work done are very important to avoid any leaks or other similar problems in the future.

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