Power Supply

It is essential to use only quality and certified equipment and wiring during the design and operation of power systems to prevent future incidents. Power supply means providing consumers with high quality electricity 24 hours a day. The design of the power supply system must be carried out before the repair work. Power supply includes power supplies that increase or decrease substations, transformers that supply distribution networks, various ancillary facilities and structures.

Our engineers (specialists) provide professional services for the efficient use of electricity in all types of buildings.

Our company carries out installation of DC and AC power transmission lines, installation of internal and external (air and cable) lighting networks, installation of earthed devices belonging to all types of earthing circuits.

  • Types of services

    • Design
    • Selection, assembly and delivery of equipment
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Detailed study of existing electrical installations
    • Renovation and modernization of electrical equipment
    • Training of personnel to work with new equipment

  • Low tension systems

    Istec Engineering offers high quality services for the design, installation and maintenance of low voltage electrical systems and equipment (up to 1 kV) and provides uninterrupted and safe power supply and operation of electrical networks in both residential and industrial facilities. Types of services include:

    • Installation and maintenance of permanent equipment and power equipment as well as conversion and distribution facilities.
    • Installation and maintenance of control, protection, automation, measurement and alarm networks and systems.
    • Direct and alternating current power cables.
    • Installation of outdoor and indoor lighting networks, all types of grounding and circuitry.
    • Installation, reconstruction and modernization of electrical equipment and electrical installations.
    • Repair of dispatching and production control devices.
    • Work to extend the life of the equipment.
    • Supply, installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies and electric generators.

    We offer only high quality, safe products from well-known manufacturers that have passed certification and comply with state regulations

    • Control distribution device (automation and power metering rooms, etc.), low-voltage current distribution equipment (switchboards and rooms), distribution device equipped with moving modules, in the form of blocks or boxes, as well as combined low-voltage equipment (hydraulics and pneumatics) integrated power supply), etc. including low voltage switchgear.
    • Prevention of possible damage to electrical equipment by fuses and automatic disconnection from the power cycle, which keeps the cable network and the power grid from overloading due to a single current sharing.
    • Differential protective devices that provide protection against electric shock in case of contact with various electrical devices in case of insulation damage.
    • Signaling devices (sockets, switches, plugs, circuit breakers) that allow you to control the opening and closing of electricity in the network and control household and professional electrical appliances
    • Stabilizers and voltage converters that increase poor energy quality by adjusting the power factor to ensure proper operation of the equipment.
    • Transformers and power supplies used to convert AC to DC and reduce high voltage thus prevent devices from overheating and damage from short circuits or voltages. - electricity meters that reduce the cost of electricity consumed and allow the maintenance of networks.

  • Medium tension systems

    Istec Engineering provides services for the installation and maintenance of medium voltage equipment at various industrial and commercial facilities. Along with any other object protected from high voltage, we install medium voltage equipment (6-35 kV) to supply power plants, industrial enterprises, construction and transport facilities. Our services include the installation and commissioning of the following facilities:

    • Installation, adjustment and commissioning works
    • Cables (power, control and lighting)
    • Network devices abroad and inside
    • Metal-clad distribution device - external and internal, stationary and retractable
    • Power transformers, current transformers and voltage transformers
    • Separators
    • Switches
    • Equipment repair and maintenance

    We offer a medium voltage switchgear for power supply, reception and distribution to main transmitters and low voltage systems, including:

    • One-sided prefabricated equipment cameras
    • Switching and measuring devices
    • Assembled and combined busbar system
    • Emergency extinguishing devices
    • Auxiliary devices
    • Protection devices for automation, telemechanics and communication

    The installation work carried out by a number of highly qualified Istec Engineers and all equipment meets modern standards of quality and energy safety, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the installed power supply systems.

  • High tension systems

    Istec Engineering offers services for the installation of high voltage equipment (110 - 154 kV), including the following facilities and 110/35/10 kV, 110/35 kV and 110/10 (6) kV s / s:

    • Power transformers of various designs, voltages and volumes
    • Auxiliary transformers
    • Fixed condenser batteries
    • Reactive power compensators
    • Open and closed network devices
    • Sections of metal-clad switchgear for outdoor and indoor installation
    • Vacuum and SF6 electric switches
    • Separators with one or two grounding blades, electric or mechanical sliding
    • Energy dischargers with energy discharge meters

    During the installation of substations, we also install the following:

    • ─░zolyatorlar
    • Busbar system
    • Linear accessories
    • Equipment clamps
    • portals
    • Surface ring of all substations and electrical equipment
    • Projector tower equipped with lightning rod
    • Battery supplied with adapter
    • High frequency stopper with contact filter
    • High frequency nozzle with connection filter
    • Busbar system distribution device
    • Relay protection, automation and measurement
    • Connection of secondary distribution device and electric cables (0.4 kV)

    We implement all power supply projects taking into account the needs and requirements of our customers, and we have strict requirements for the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of high voltage equipment. In addition, we test installed power supply systems and diagnose existing systems, which allows us to detect and prevent faults in the system. All installation and repair work is carried out by our qualified specialists to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of the electrical installation system.

  • Preparation of panels

    Itec Engineering manufactures, assembles and installs power panels and control cabinets of any complexity (up to 4000A) and uses panel assembly components from global manufacturers. Installation of the panel is carried out by highly qualified personnel in accordance with the design features, international technical standards, as well as local norms and requirements. We offer high quality components to our customers, we control and guarantee the best quality of our products.

    We perform the assembly and installation of the following panels:

    • Main Distribution Board (CIS): Receives and distributes electricity in a 380 / 220V - 660 / 380V three-phase AC network and at a frequency of 50Hz in a building or part of a building. Basic Distribution Boards include automatic emergency protection against devices for measuring electricity against any multiple loads and short circuits.
    • Power Distribution Boards (LID): Receives and distributes electricity between the electrical groups of the building, performs power metering on 380 / 220V three-phase AC networks and 50Hz, provides protection of lines from short circuits and overloads. The power distribution board is installed at the entrance of the power cable.
    • Automatic transmission switch (ATS): automatically switches to towing power when the main power supply or power outage is switched off and returns to the main power when it is restored. The ATS provides constant monitoring of the presence of voltage in the circuits of the main and rear power sources, compares the voltage and determines the voltage readings and detects deviations.
    • Distribution boards for multi-storey buildings: receives electricity on the floor and transmits it to the distribution boards of apartments located on the floors of the building.
    • Distribution boards for floors of multi-storey buildings: counting and distribution of electricity inside apartments, small cottages or houses.
    • Lighting control panel: Receives and distributes AC power at 50Hz, as well as opens / closes group circuits, cuts electrical circuits, protects AC networks from overload and faults.
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Provides uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment and facilities such as computers, control and monitoring systems, medical equipment, alarms and other systems.
    • Auxiliary power plant (APU): Provides AC power supply (0.4kV) for equipment of power plants (lighting, heating, etc.) and auxiliary substations.
    • control panels: provides engineering equipment, technological processes, emergency alarms, data transmission to the control center, execution of operator's orders, power distribution and consumer, equipment protection and automation, and many other operations.

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