Water supply, plumbing pipes

At each construction site, work on the mechanical part of the building (or individual houses) begins with the laying of gutters and the installation of water supply. In buildings (individual houses), pipes are laid inside the identified mines. The quality of the selected material and the work done are very important to avoid any leaks or other similar problems in the future.

Drinking water supply of residential buildings (individual houses) and other catering facilities is calculated in accordance with the norm. According to the normative documents, drinking water must be epidemiologically and radiation safe, chemically harmless and satisfactory in quality.

Water pumps are installed at each point so that water reaches the same pressure. The water lines of most residential buildings (individual houses) are laid in the mines. Certain parts remain under the plaster on the floor or wall. Therefore, proper piping and work performed by professionals is a prerequisite. Sewage systems are an important element for the area they cover. This system is an underground facility for wastewater discharge. To increase the flow of sewage and keep the pipes clean, the pipes are installed at an angle, at a certain angle. In order to avoid problems in the future, the specialists of our company accurately carry out the installation processes of water supply systems, gutters and stormwater discharge systems in each of our projects in accordance with the type. This is one of the most important nuances for us.

  • Laying of pipes and water supply of a building or individual houses
  • Scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement of equipment if necessary.
  • Accident and scheduled repairs.
  • Respond to emergency calls on a 24/7 basis.
  • Installation of water pumps
  • Installation of water supply systems, culverts and stormwater drainage systems
  • Analysis of water quality
  • Checking and evaluating the performance of the system in general

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